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Private Event | 4 H

Private Event | 4 H

Create a photo frame for your upcoming 4 H display at the Skamania County Fair. 


Friday, July 19th 2019 | 12-2pm | The Bea Barn


Event involves painting wood, from dozens of color options and stenciling 3 designs per project. 

Click here to or more information.


Please indicate the following information when registering:

1.The exact name of the child for the frame header:

full name or first name or nickname (make sure the spelling is correct)

eg. John F. Kennedy could be JFK or Jack or John Kennedy 


2. One stencil design from dozens of choices of animals, monograms and other elements:

Check here for options or contact me for further choices. if your animal/ activity is not displayed, please contact me. There are thousands of images to choose from. To help me find the perfect design for you, please consider the following:

  • Do you have a favorite animal or activity? eg. horse silhouhette or rodeo or ballet
  • Would you like a different image of your animal?
  • Would you prefer a monogram? 


3. The tagline for your frame footer: (1-5 words)

The sky is almost the limit! Ideas for your tagline:

  • the latin zoological name of your animal eg. Equus Caballus (horse)
  • your motto eg. life is good.
  • your animal's name e.g. Nellie, the chicken
  • I love my [...] e.g. dog
  • hashtags eg. #farmlifehappylife 


All supplies, tools and instructions will be provided to create this frame. Just bring a photo if you would like to clip it on immediately! 


Contact me for questions at


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    Workshop includes:

    • materials
    • instructions
    • tools
    • stencils: click here to see your choices



    Friday, 19 July 2019





    Bea Barn


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