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Adult Art Enrichment | Christmas Tree Groupies

Adult Art Enrichment | Christmas Tree Groupies

Create an adorable group of 5 double-sided trees in different sizes in a fulfilling art enrichment class through the City of Camas. These trees are sized perfectly to fit on your mantel or table, in a group or individually. Paint them neutral to last all winter or choose bright Christmas colors for the festive season. You'll learn various techniques including stippling, ombre, shading, highlighting and more. Beginners welcome, as are companions, aides and friends. 


If you are 55+ you can get $20 off this project with code CAMASCARES1212 thanks to the city of Camas.


In-Person Art Classes:

Date: Monday, December 12th 2022.

Time: 2-4pm

Venue: Lacamas Lake Lodge | 227 NW Lake Rd, Camas WA 98607


Class package includes:

  • 5 double sided trees with stands
  • paints in dozens of colors
  • free accessories- strings, wood stars & hearts
  • brushes and tools
  • fun and dynamic instructor 

* please note, that the most popular trees have been grouped together for you to do a one-step checkout and reduce decision fatigue, although you may see a different display in photos from prior years. Photos are kept visible, to inspire you from the samples others have painted over the years.




Art-Coordinator: Claire Houlding |

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