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Birthday Party | Violet

Birthday Party | Violet

Celebrate Violet’s birthday and create an adorable wooden rainbow sign with your own name cut out of wood!

Please register your child’s name (double check spelling) and pick your name style- cursive (easier) or block lettering (more challenging).

Kids will be led through the fun hands-on art experience step by step with the ability to choose their own colors to make their rainbow their own!


Art Party:

Date: Sunday, 5 Nov, 2023

Time: 1-3pm

Location: Violet’s home


Class includes:

11' wood round

raised 3D elements and text

paints in dozens of colors

brushes and tools

fun and dynamic instructor


Ashley Billmyer


Art Questions?


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    Each project is carefully handcrafted for you ahead of time from locally and sustainably sourced materials. Each item is designed in-house and takes multiple hours per project to assemble for you. None of the items is imported and project pricing is kept as low as possible to make it accessible to all. Please note that this is a custom item, made to order, so that you can enjoy an art experience free of frustration and full of satisfaction with friends and family!

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