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Online Art | Filter Flowers

Online Art | Filter Flowers

Can't go out to buy fresh flowers? No problem ... let's make them! Join me for a free online art experience to learn how to create beautiful flowers for your home this spring with the supplies you already have!


This is a free community service project to inspire you while you're quarantined at home. Please like, share, tag and pass it along! My social media tag is @threeandme. As a small business, any social media action helps to keep Three & Me visible. 

I hope you and your loved ones stay well!!


Class Details:

FREE for all ages under the Online Resources dop-down tab, or click here.


What you will need from your end:

  • 15-20 large coffee filters (white preferred, but brown is fine)
  • food colorants (or watercolors/ acrylics)
  • wood skewers (or straws/ pipe cleaners/ chopsticks)
  • tape such as floral, washi, masking or cellotape
  • plastic cups
  • warm water


These tutorials are prepared for all learning styles, for you to be able to work through at your own speed! I hope you have a wonderful time creating beautiful flowers for your home! I'd love to see photos when you're done! 


Or see these classes on Youtube:

  1. Slideshow tutorial
  2. Video tutorial

Which format do you prefer?

Please leave feedback here or on Facebook or Instagram.




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