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Little Wood Monsters

Frank, Cat, Boo and Jack ... join me in creating the cutest little wooden monsters in time to scare away the 2020 juju this Halloween!

Order your art kit here and follow along with the detailed instructions below.

The kit contains:

  • 4 wood shapes of varying sizes

  • paint in white, black, green and orange

  • 8 googly eyes

  • 1 gauze bandage

  • 1 sponge brush

  • 1 sponge wedge

  • raffia

  • stem

  • sandpaper

You will need:

Grab a snack. Get comfy. Unpack your kit and let's have some fun!

Sand down your blocks if you want them to be smoother.

Using the sponge wedge, paint the tallest block. You will not need added water for this. The thicker the paint, the better the coverage. Paint all the sides.

Without washing your brush, paint the smallest block in orange. The white streaks will give your pumpkin a natural look. Curve the strokes for a more Jack O'Lantern shape.

Wash your brush. Dry it and paint the middle sized block in green.

Wash and dry it again and paint the cat in black.

Let all your blocks dry.

Using the tip of your brush paint blunt, uneven black hair onto Frankie.

Paint the top, sides and back of his head as well. Frankenstein's monster has a blunt uneven hair cut, so no need to be perfect!

While Frankie dries, let's wrap up your mummy!

Remove the bandage and wrap it all around your mummy, from top to bottom and tuck the end in. You can use a spot of hot glue to secure the bandage ends, but there is enough friction for it to stay in place, even without glue.

Part the bandage at eye level.

You'll need enough room to stick the eyes under the gauze. You can always pull it back down afterwards.


Glue the eyes on with hot glue, craft or super glue. I prefer craft glue, especially with young kids, because fingers won't get burnt.

And here you have BOO! Isn't he adorable?

Let's give Frankie some eyes! Here are some ideas for eye placement. Isn't it funny how his expression is so different, depending on where his eyes are placed? Where will you stick yours?

Using a sharpie. draw in a crocked smile and a big scar.

Dip the tip of the wedge into some white paint t color his tooth white.

And here is Frankenstein's creation! You can use some sandpaper to distress his edges, to make him look a little vintage.

Give your black car some eyes. You pick where you want them to be!

Tie the raffia bow onto your cat. You can make it a tall bow around the ears for a stylish girl cat.

Or you can tie the bow under the eyes to look like a collar and whiskers.

Now you have Frank, Cat and Boo!

Attach the stem to the top of your pumpkin with hot glue.

Attach Jack's eyes. Again, it's fun to play around with where the eyes will go. They can be high, low, far, close, straight or angled. So many options!

Using the sharpie, draw a smile onto your Jack O'Lantern. You can go with a scary smile, a frown or a toothy grin. Practice on paper if you are unsure.

Using the tip of the sponge wedge, color in any teeth if you'd like to.

And there they are! All ready to scare he blues away!

Display them with pride! I hope you had fun creating this cute crowd of Halloween monsters with me. Please share photos of your set with me via email or on social media with tag @threeandme or #threeandme

Have a boo-tiful Halloween!


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