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Community Outreach Event

Community Outreach Event

Community Outreach events are aimed at children's hospitals, adult care facilities, schools and charities. Add some fun and inspiration to those you're caring for, by planning a couple of hours of creativity whichwill be unforgettable for all involved.

Create a custom event for your community, where materials, tools and instructions will be provided to you.

Pricing varies according to the project and number of participants.

Pricing discounts available for institutional events, fundraisers and charities.

Please contact THREE & ME, LLC. for ideas to help make life a little sweeter for those in your care.


    We are so excited to create an event for you. Please send us the following information so we can better assist you in making it happen. 

    1. Date Range
    2. Number of participants
    3. Project parameters
    4. Venue

    Contact us to plan your next event!

    Let's make it happen.

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