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Hollen's Birthday

Hollen's Birthday

Create a beautiful stenciled wreath pallet with boxwood greens to suit your decor and personal style!

Build your 17x14" pallet, stain it and stencil it.

Decorate your natural 10" grapevine with boxwood greens and hang it on your pallet.

Supplies, tools and instructions included, as well as an experience you'll never forget!

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    Craft event includes:

    • materials
    • tools
    • instructions
    • inspiration


    Date: Tuesday 29 May 2018
    Time: 6pm
    Place: Salud Wine Bar


    • Preferred: Credit and Debit Card payments accepted directly or via PayPal.
    • By request only: CASH APP or VENMOCHECK payments must be received within 2 weeks of workshops, unless otherwise arranged with THREE & ME to confirm your reservation. Please contact THREE & ME here should you choose to pay by check.
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