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Private Party | Jennifer & Friends

Private Party | Jennifer & Friends

Create fun art projects with Jennifer Binder!


In-Person Art Party:

Date: 22 October 2022

Time: 4-6pm

Venue: Jennifer Binder's home


2 Project options: pick 1 or both


1.Inserts & Ladders Project: ($39+)

Create a wood ladder display frame with 3  wood inserts that you can change out for every reason and season! There are dozens of new themes to choose from including Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter and beyond - see designs here


  • 3 inserts from a choice of designs here (4.25x4.25")
  • 1 display ladder or frame optional

See how others painted their ladders here.


Indicate 3 alphanumeric codes in notes to designer when registering. Double check your choices! 


2.  Stacked Pumpkins Project: ($45)

  • 3 level 18" 3D pumpkin stack with stand in 3 design choices
  • 3 wood leaves & accessories



Art Coordinator: Claire Houlding | 360.5976352 |

Party Host: Jennifer Binder |  360.270.6669

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