Family Christmas Craft Event

Family Christmas Craft Event

Join Teresa from BON COOK and Claire from THREE & ME for an afternoon of creative inspiration in time for Christmas. This family craft afternoon will include cooking and wood working components suitable for the entire family. Create beautiful, unique items, while making memories with your children in a stunning Pacific Northwest location. 


Each child will create:

* a varitey of delicious treats, which can be gifted or self-consumed

* food crafts will include a selection of truffles, holiday popcorn and more

* a unique wood and multimedia stocking holder, which each child can personalize for this year and beyond.

* there will be many design choices for the stocking holders, inlcuding chalkbard art, string and nail designs, ceramic accessories, grapevine wreaths, festive wording and more. 


Parents get to create with their children for this 2 hour all-inclusive family event.

Cost is $30/ per child 


Questions regarding the cooking section:

contact Teresa Fewel from BON COOK at


Questeions regarding the stocking holders:

contact Claire Houlding from THREE & ME at



    Workshop includes:

    • materials
    • instructions
    • tools
    • inspiration



    Friday, December 22nd 2017






    Lacamas Lake Lodge

    227 NW Lake Rd

    Camas, WA-98607


    • Payment by Paypal is preferred.
    • CASH APP now available for cash payments at $threeandme and app can be downloaded here. Please notify THREE & ME if you have sent payment via the CASH APP. 
    • CHECK payments must be received within 1 week of this workshop, unless otherwise arranged with THREE & ME to confirm your reservation. Please contact THREE & ME here should you choose to pay by check.
  • FAQs

    How sturdy are the stocking holders?

    They are sturdy enough to hold a 3lb stocking without being attached to the mantle. Should you be worried about falling stocking holders, you can use fully removable, damage free command strips available at local stores or here on Amazon. 


    Can the stocking holders be personalized with my children's names?

    Of course! The names of your children can be ready and printed out for you to use within the grapevine wreaths. Please contact

    Claire at


    Can I ask for special phrases in my wreath?

    Yes! Please do.There are so many special phrases out there, from books, carols, verses and stories that can be printed out for you. If you have any meaningful favorites, definitely ask! We can make it happen!


    What food treats will my children be making?

    Teresa from BON COOK has a variety of treat recipes ready for your children to decorate, including 2 to 3 varieties of chocolate truffles, holiday popcorn and more. Please contact Teresa directly at for more details.


    What if my children have food allergies?

    Contact Teresa directly at for details and conerns.


    Is this a 'kids only' event?

    This is an event suitable for the whole family.

    You'll get to join you children in creating unique crafts and wonderful memories.

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Created. Enjoyed. Reviewed ...

Had the most fun tonight with an amazing instructor and many wonderful friends! Three & Me out did themselves with beautiful presentation and amazing craft that I am excited to display in my home! I look forward to another opportunity to craft with Three & Me in the future!

Camas, WA

What an amazing experience! Claire is an incredible instructor and makes these projects so fun and truly easy for those like me who are not artsy! She is extremely organized and everything is so well thought out and ready in advance. I can hardly wait to take more classes in the future. I would highly recommend Three & Me!

Angela H.

Camas, WA

I just went to my first Three & Me workshop. It was a wonderful experience. Claire is a warm hostess and an excellent instructor. Making everyone feel engaged and successful. The materials are top notch and every detail is well thought out. It’s a great escape for a personal creative moment or a fun way to connect with friends and family while expressing your inner artist.

Camas, WA

Such a fun string art class tonight! Claire is a wonderful instructor and everything was so beautiful; the display, the art, the examples, the supplies, the snacks! So fun!

Camas, WA

This is truly a fun night out! Claire's instruction is helpful, humorous and fun! I love how she allowed us options to be creative and put our own twist on our projects. There is a lot of attention to detail with the set-up, supplies and refreshments which did not go unnoticed.  I can't wait for the next project!

What a fun evening! Claire has thought of every detail and guides you step by step through the whole process! She is such an encourager and makes you feel like you have just made a masterpiece! I highly recommend her classes! I can't wait to take another one!

Camas, WA

I had such a fun evening! Three & Me had everything presented beautifully and organized in a way that made it easy to follow along for those of us that aren't necessarily crafters by nature! Thank you for a fun night!

Courtney H.

Camas, WA

Thank you Claire Houlding for an incredible night! It was so much fun creating with Three & Me!

Hollen F.

Camas, WA

You all did such a great job! Claire Houlding what a fun thing you are starting in our community! Love it. So fun to be there tonight!

Jennifer B.

Camas, WA

I craft a lot at home, but doing crafts in a class with friends is so much better. THREE & ME makes it so easy to do the things I am interested in, without having to find the supplies and figure out how to do it on my own. I've just booked my next ladies night with Claire! I can't wait. 

Vancouver, WA

Tonight, a bunch of lucky ladies got to craft along side one of the very best. Claire's heart, is hands done one of the very best and those of us who were there got to create something amazing that we will proudly display in our homes. Many laughs and much fun was had by all. I highly recommend one of Three & Me classes to anyone in the area! Spread kindness around like confetti!!

Lana E.

Camas, WA

Art is not my strength. I don't have a creative bone in my body. So I came to a workshop because my friend made me... and I made something I now love. I was expecting to sit and watch, but landed up getting fully involved! My husband and kids don't believe that I made it myself. I'm coming again and I'm bringing my sister... she's even worse at crafts than me.

Alyson S.

Washougal, WA

We had such a fun girls night out making Christmas signs. Claire did a wonderful job explaining what to do and they turned out great! We are all looking forward to more events!! Thank you!

Kristine A.

Camas, WA

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