Frosting it ... like a Boss

First of all, I have to explain the title choice... my sons have adopted the 'like a boss' suffix to just about everything they do, including when they frost cookies with me. I guess it makes it more mucho if they can say they've frosted cookies like a boss. I love it. I love how they can create such intricate designs on their cookies with unbelievable dexterity... like a boss... often dressed like Spiderman.

Sugar cookies dressed up like Spiderman or ladybugs or apples or anything your mind desires, are easier to accomplish than what it looks like. Once you have the royal icing made to the correct consistency, you're good to go. The rest is up to practice and how fancy you want to get. You can make intricate designs like Spiderman or simply elegant cookie dressings like the spotted heart below or the stars above, which are just as spectacular, once they're dried and the royal icing has formed a hard meringue type finish.