Simply Natural Wreath

When it comes to January... I feel like a mole popping blinded, stunned and broadsided into a new year, after the sudden withdrawal of the over-stimulation of the preceding Christmas season. The abundance of seasonal decor needs to be packed away, at the same time as I surface from my food coma, in order to refresh and renew for a new month and year ahead. While part of me feels sad to leave behind my favorite festive season, another part of me loves clearing it all out and starting with clean and simple lines, symbolic of turning a fresh page. Breathe.

The once lush and fragrant pine-needled Christmas wreath had to go... it had lived past it's due and had become a fire hazard. Its space looked so lonely and bare though. So something had to be done ... This year I decided to play around with something simple, clean and fresh to brighten up the home.