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Bathtub Tray

Simple and elegant. Beautiful and functional. Create an over-sized tray to fit over your bath, to make bath time your favorite time out of the day! Use it to hold your candles, books, music, drinks and spa luxuries, while you soak away the days worries.

Order the art kit here.

The kit contains:

  • 1 unfinished, assembled tray in the size of your choice

  • 2 handles with 4 screws

  • 1 stencil

  • 1 sponge brush

  • 1 sponge wedge for stenciling

  • 1 background paint

  • 1 stencil paint

  • directions

You will need:

  • paper plates for paint

  • 1 screw driver

  • for wood stain only you'll need water, not for solid color or stencil work

  • paper towels

View the online art experience or scroll down for more information:

A previous stenciling tutorial can be found here.

For those of you, who prefer a quick overview of the written directions:

1. PAINT TRAY: using a sponge brush, smooth your color onto the wood. For wood grain to show through, use a very wet brush to dilute the color and wipe off excess paint with a paper towel. For solid finish, do not dilute paint and apply more than 1 coat.

2. DRY: must be dry in order to stencil. In a rush, use a hairdryer.


  • remove grid layer from back of stencil.

  • position stencil sticky side down onto tray.

  • carefully peel away the white film off the top of the stencil.

  • using the sponge wedge blot on a super thin layer of paint. Do not overload the sponge, or it will run! Do not dilute with water.

  • Dry. Repeat 2-3 times until desired coverage.

  • Once dried, remove the stencil.

4. ATTACH HARDWARE: screw handles onto tray, while paint dries.

5. VARNISH: after 24 hours, apply a few coats of varnish to protect your tray. Brands I have used in the past are Krylon, Rustoleum and Mod Podge.

QUESTIONS? E-mail anytime!

Enjoy your beautiful new tray! Please share photos on Facebook and Instagram with tag @threeandme so I can see your completed project!


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