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Be Kind

In a world, where you can be anything, always choose to be kind. I love this sign, for many reasons, but most of all, because it applies to every human and is an appropriate statement in any situation. Small acts of kindness, are actually the catalysts to pay love forward. Let's make this sign together!

Follow the guide below for specific techniques on painting this laser cutout design. If you need a Three & Me DIY ART KIT, enquire here. For more extensive notes and clips on painting wood shapes and designs see this blog post:


  • Be kind DIY Art Kit

  • acrylic or chalk paints in various colors

  • sponge paint brush

  • paint wedges

  • glue, I prefer Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue

Optional extras:

  • nail or toothpick to pop out letters from mask

  • paper towels

  • paper plate

  • masking tape

Your colors may be different, depending on what you ordered.

For additional colors you can use crayons, markers, pencils, as well as acrylic or chalk paints.


  • To make life easier for you, your individual letters will come in a wood mask.

  • The smooth back side is the sticker, which you can peel off once letters are dry.

  • The front is covered by a removable tissue layer.

  • Once you are ready to paint the letters, make sure you have this section on a FLAT surface. Carefully remove the tissue layer. This will ensure that your letters stay in position while you paint them, and you don't get paint all over your fingers.

  • Alternatively, you can place individual letters onto upturned masking tape, so that they don't move around while you paint.

For more details and techniques for painting wood shapes, please see here.


  • Start with the larger layers: the base, frame, daisy combo layer and petals.

  • Separate them out and paint them each individually in whatever colors you choose.

  • For larger areas, use the sponge brush.

  • For smaller sections, such as the petals and letters, use a wedge.

  • Use as little paint as possible so that it doesn't run over the edges and to keep your design neat. Rather add various thin coats, than one that is too thick.

  • Blot paint onto your paper plate or paper towel to remove excess, before painting your shapes.

  • Attach smaller shapes onto an upturned piece of masking tape, so they stay in place without getting paint all over your fingers!

  • Don't be shy to layer different shades.

  • Run your semi-dry sponge wedge over edges in white for highlight or black for shadow.

  • Use the back of a nail, to make dots!

  • Use the side or a nail to make stripes.

Have fun!!!


Pick a limited color palette, to make your design coherent. Too many colors can be distracting. Rather blend different shades of a smaller color group by adding white or black.

You can also use crayons, makers or pencils to color this project instead of using paint!

Or you can cut out wrapping paper and glue it onto your project for a fun twist!

That said, there are really no rules in art, so do what pleases you!

Below is a graphic representation of what different color choices might look like.

Or see photos of completed projects at the end.

Which colors will you pick for your daisy?


Watch this clip to see how the shapes are assembled:

  • Only the letters have a self -adhesive backing. You will need glue for the bases, frame and petals.

  • Apply glue, by blotting it onto the pieces sparingly with a sponge wedge. Less is more!

  • I prefer Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue for this type of craft, but wood glue, superglue and craft glue also work.

  • Once the bases and petals are in place, remove your letters from the mask, if you have not already done so during painting.

  • Peel away the sticker backing. You may need a nail or weeding tool to help remove the backing.

  • Stick your letters into the engraved spaces allocated for each letter.

  • Press down firmly onto your letters, to make sure they stay in place. The self-adhesive is permanent, so make sure they're in the correct places!

Display with pride!

I hope you have had fun with this adorable kit.

Please share photos of your version when you're done with tag @threeandme on social media or directly at

Thanks for joining me!




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