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The Gnome

Congratulations on on adopting this adorable big-hearted gnome to create smiles in your life or in someone else's!

Gnomes are said, through centuries of folktales, to secretly take care of the homes they're placed in and protect the people and animals they live with! All for a bowl of hot porridge on Christmas Eve.

Whether or not you believe, this gnome will definitely make anyone who owns him smile.

Paint him up with directions from Claire at Three & Me and keep him to guard your home and heart or gnome it forward and gift him to someone who could use a smile, a heart full of love or just a gnome-gram to say

"I see you and you are special".

He's too cute not to share!

Order your DIY Art kit from Three & Me here. It contains the following:

  • 12 inch deconstructed wood gnome:

1 backboard

1 beard level

1 hat

1 stand

2 hands

1 nose

1 chalkboard

1 icon- usually a heart, but varies

  • gnome accessories may include seasonal icons. See listing for more details

  • paints* in red, white and black

  • 3 painting wedges

  • glue not included- recommended product is Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue

*= not included if mailed

use code PAINT for shipped kits

The all-season gnome kit looks as follows:

The kit includes only red, white and black paint. If you chose the all-season kit, you can use any acrylic or chalk paints for your additional icons, or you can even use crayons, pastels and markers!

Some of the icons will be held together with tape. This is to make your life easier, so that when you receive your kit, you know which pieces belong together. Remove the tape before painting and then puzzle your individual pieces back together.

Now that you have your kit, get comfy.

Put on an apron. It may get messy.

Grab a tasty snack and a cup of hot cocoa or apple cider.

Let's paint our gnome ...

Watch this full length video or scroll down for the written directions.


Watch this clip to see what your deconstructed gnome kit is all about:

Using the broad end of a sponge wedge dab black paint onto the feet and legs of your gnome.

Don't overload your sponge or paint will run over the edges and take long to dry.

You can paint the whole base, if you'd like, but only the feet will show once he's glued together!

Paint the message board in black.


Use a fresh wedge to paint the beard white and the hat and heart red.

Repeat if you want a second coat.

Use the pointy end of the black sponge.

Dip the edge into some water and then into the white paint.

Draw streaks of watery grey down the beard to give it texture.

With the tip of your white sponge, add shine to the boots, board and hat.

Depending on which accessory you went with, you can add shine to that too!

Let the paint dry.

Get out your glue.

I recommend Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue, but you can also use wood glue or super glue.

If you are using wood glue, be sparing on the amount of glue you use.

Glue the beard onto the base.

Glue the hat onto the beard.

Glue the nose under the hat.

Glue the board onto the beard. It can be straight or angled!

Glue the hands onto the board in the spaces allocated for it.

You can glue the icon onto your gnome or you can attach it temporarily with some masking tape, so that you can remove and exchange it seasonally! You can even write messages in chalk on the board! It's totally up to you.

Image shows the gnome's icon with masking tape, to allow icons to be interchangeable for different occasions.

Enjoy your gnome. May he bless your home with his presence and make you smile every time you see him. Or if you know of someone, who is feeling lonely and sad, 'gnome it forward' and leave this cute surprise at their door.

Don't forget to share and tag your photos with #threeandme via:

Gnome images:


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