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Llama Llama

This sweet llama face will make anyone smile, at a time when we're not quite sure where our world is at! So avoid the drama and paint this no-prob-llama!

Order your art kit here through Three & me and follow the post below to get the best outcome out of your project!

Your kit includes:

  • canvas

  • frame

  • string

  • stencil with 2 facial expressions

  • paints in charcoal, white, pink and turquoise

  • 3 wedges

  • zinc nail

Cut out the facial expressions, on the bottom right hand corner, leaving enough of a border to you don't over paint the edges.

Set aside.

Place the stencil grid-side up! This is very important! If you peel away the wrong layer, your stencil will become un-usable.

Rub the grid layer with a credit card and slowly peel it away from the sticky black layer. If any of the black stencil lifts with the card stock grid layer, replace the grid layer and rub it some more to transfer the stencil back down.

It is easier to peel at an angle.

Once the grid layer is removed, stick the stencil sticky-side down onto your canvas. Carefully remove the fibrous top layer, making sure that all of the black stencil transfers to the canvas. This is the hardest part of this project! Go slowly and rub down the black stencil onto the canvas as you go.

You should now have a stencil that looks like this. If you look closely, you'll see all the cut lines of your design. We'll be removing them bit by bit, to make your painting easier and prevent smudging.

Arrange a small quantity of your paints onto a paper plate. Mix any colors you may want to blend, like a lighter grey by adding white to charcoal or a lighter pink etc.

Do not dip directly into the paint containers, because you'll overload your sponge wedges and your paint WILL run.

Take a sponge wedge and dab the broad end into the light grey paint. Blot off excess paint onto your paper plate, so that your sponge is not overloaded.

Carefully blot or swipe paint from the outside edges of the llama toward the center. This will give a beautiful, natural shading to your llama. Blot the sponge randomly through the center of the llama, to give the impression of woolly fur.

Less is more! Do not use too much paint.

Using the zinc nail included or a weeding tool, remove the feet and inner ear pieces.

Your project should look like this now.

Using the same wedge, but with a darker shade of grey, blot a small amount of paint onto the ears, feet and writing. Less is more! Do not use too much paint- it WILL run. Rather do 2-3 thin coats, than 1 that is too heavy.

The feet are done! Don't worry about the messy look of the writing. You'll be going over it again, when it's dry.

Using the nail or weeding tool remove the llama's hair and part of the saddle blanket.

Using a new sponge wedge, dab a tiny amount of pink onto the llama's hair and onto two of the sparkles. Let it dry.

Dab turquoise onto the saddle and sparkles. Dry.

Remove the next piece of saddle blanket and paint it pink with the tip of your wedge. Only use a tiny hint of color, so that it won't run!

Remove the heart stencil in he saddle and paint it pink.

Remove the circle stencil and admire your art work!

With the tip of your pink wedge, add a tiny hint of pink to the ear fluff of your llama.

Using your grey wedge, blot more charcoal pant onto the writing and feet.

Let it dry.

Once dry, remove the stencil and pick out any of the remaining pieces with the zinc nail or weeding tool.

Your canvas should look similar to this.

Pick out which facial expression you'd like to use.

Using the same technique as before, peel away the grid layer first.

Position the face onto your llama, making sure that it is aligned correctly with the head.

Remove the fibrous top layer.

Using a tiny amount of charcoal paint, carefully dab a hint of color onto the facial expression. Less is more! Do not overload your wedge! Be careful not to paint over the cut edges of the square!

After 1-2 thin coats, remove the stencil to see your sweet llama's expression.

With the tip of your pink wedge, blot some pink cheeks onto your llama.

Dip the flat end of your nail into the white paint and stamp dots around the saddle blanket to make it look like a fringe.

Wipe the nail clean and repeat in turquoise.

Wipe the nail and repeat with pink.

Dip the tip of the nail into the charcoal paint and give your llama some freckles.

Such a blissfully peaceful no-drama llama!

Wipe the nail. Dip the sharp tip into the white paint and add spots to your letters.

If you'd like to, you can paint the frame. Use the sponge wedge and wipe color onto the frame or leave it natural.

Tie the string onto the top frame for hanging.

Hang up your No-Prob-Llama canvas somewhere where you'll see it often, so it'll make you smile when you're feeling blue!

I hope you enjoyed painting this llama with me! Please leave feedback or share photos with me!


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