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LOVE. Tell someone how big your love for them is with this oversized wood-lace love-note. This sign not only makes for an beautiful and eye-catching décor piece, but is also a unique, handcrafted-with-love gift idea for spouses, parents, newly-weds and friends for Valentine's Day, engagements, weddings and other significant celebrations. Grab your DIY Art Kit here and follow along below.

The DIY Art Kit:

  • 1 un-painted laser cut sign in 2 levels with a base, wood-lace LOVE and simple frame

  • paints in brown, white and black (or you can use any colors you like!)

  • 1 re-usable sponge brush

  • 1 sponge wedge

From home you will need:

  • paper plate

  • paper towels

  • parchment/ freezer/ news paper to protect your work space

  • glue- I recommend Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue, but wood glue and Elmer's craft glue work too

Separate out your kit and lay it out in its color groups on parchment/ freezer/ news/ butcher paper.

  • Paint the base layer first.

  • You may need multiple coats.

  • Using the sponge brush, dip the broad side into undiluted white paint and wipe it across the base in long smooth strokes.

  • Do not use water, as it will cause the wood to swell.

  • Allow to dry and apply a second layer.

  • Once dry you can rough it up with sandpaper if you want a distressed finish.

  • Paint the frame next.

  • You can re-use the same wedge, if you use brown paint first and then black paint.

  • But if you use different colors, you'll need to use 1 sponge wedge per color.

  • Using a sponge wedge or make-up wedge, dab a very sparing amount of brown paint onto the frame.

  • Use as little paint as possible, to prevent transfer.

  • Repeat for additional coverage.

  • Paint the wood-lace LOVE next.

  • This layer is very delicate, so handle gently!

  • Dab the same or new sponge wedge into black paint. Blot off excess paint on a paper towel.

  • Dry rub or dab the paint carefully onto the lace, being careful not to overload the wedge, or you will get paint pooling in the delicate lace design.

  • Rather apply 2 super-thin layers, than 1 that is too thick.

  • Allow all layers to dry fully before gluing.

  • I like using Aleene's Turbo Tacky glue, because it dries fast and clear.

  • Elemer's Glue All craft glue seems to work pretty well.

  • Wood glue will work too, but you need to be more careful with application, as it dries yellowish and will mess up your clean design.

  • Do not use hot glue- it will warp your letters and give them too much bulk.

  • Super glue dries too quickly.

  • Apply glue sparingly to the outside edges of the letters and centers of some of the flowers and leaves. Not all surfaces need to be touched by glue. Work fast, so your glue does not dry before you put the layers together.

  • Apply glue sparingly to the frame and use your fingers to guide it into place on the outside corners.

Allow your beautiful new sign to dry fully before displaying it! Write a special message on the back!

For weddings and milestone celebrations, bring a sharpie and get each guest to sign their name on the front for a unique guest book.

You can lean it on a shelf, place it in a frame holder or hang it on a wall with contact strips. It looks really lovely on a collage wall with a Three & Me Inserts & Ladder art kit too. The custom designs, shown above, can be left in place for all seasons and make for a fun family paint night.

Or make it a Valentine! So many options!

I'd love to see photos of your creations! Please send me an email to or tag it with or #threeandme on social media.

Thank you for joining this Three & Me art experience. I hope you had so much fun creating this sign. If you have questions, suggestions or feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly here.


Claire Houlding


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