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Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas with this adorable Christmas sign you can make for yourself and others with a Three & Me DIY Art kit.

Follow the directions below for some techniques on painting a laser cutout door hanger design. If you need a Three & Me Merry Little Christmas DIY Art Kit, see here. Also available for in-person or virtual parties and private events.

For more extensive general notes on painting wood shapes and designs see this blog post.

SUPPLIES: Use your all-inclusive DIY Art Kit, or source the following supplies below.

  • your laser cut wood shapes

  • acrylic or chalk paints in various colors

  • sponge paint brush

  • make-up wedges

  • glue (if pieces are not self-adhesive): Aleene's Turbo Tacky glue is my favorite, but superglue, wood glue and E6000 work too.

  • string

  • paper towels

  • paper plate

  • masking tape for painting small pieces


Pick a limited color palette, to make your design coherent. Too many colors can be distracting. Rather blend different shades of a smaller color group by adding white or black.

That said, there are really no rules in art, so do what pleases you!


  • Use as little paint as possible so that it doesn't run over the edges and to keep your design neat. Rather add various thin coats, than one that is too thick.

  • Blot paint onto your paper plate or paper towel to remove excess, before painting your shapes.

  • Attach smaller shapes onto an upturned piece of masking tape, so they stay in place without getting paint all over your fingers!

  • Don't be shy to layer different shades.

  • Run your semi-dry sponge wedge over edges in white for highlight or black for shadow.

  • Have fun!!!


Watch the clip below for technique or read instructions that follow.

Paint your board.

  • Use a sponge brush and wipe the color sparingly onto the base in even strokes.

  • do not overload the brush. Rather use multiple thin coats.

  • For wood grain to show through, use 1 thin coat and wipe off excess paint with paper towel.

  • Optional: To achieve a distressed look, paint your base and let it dry.

  • Pick a contrasting color. e.g. if your base is white, use grey or black. If your base is brown, use white.

  • You will need a DRY sponge brush or a scruffy old brush (even an old toothbrush will work).

  • Dip the tip of the dry brush into the contrasting paint.

  • Dab off excess.

  • Swipe in even strokes across your board to create faint scratchy lines.

  • Repeat if necessary with a slightly different tone.


  • Because letters and shapes can be so intricate and have small pieces, they will either come attached with tape or in a heat sealed bag.

  • Remove the bag or tape and set out each part.

  • Familiarize yourself with each small piece, figuring out where it goes.

  • Please note, that many are one-direction. So be sure to paint the correct side.

  • Using masking tape, attach the smallest pieces to the upturned sticky side, to make painting easier.

  • Use sponge wedges to dab color onto the wood.

  • Be sparing with paint, so that it doesn't run over the sides and into spaces.

  • Add white for highlights or black for shadows.

  • Use the head of a nail, a toothpick or a match to make dots or lines.

  • Allow pieces to dry fully before assembling.


  • Apply glue sparingly. Cut the used tip off one of your makeup wedges and dab glue onto the shapes. Or use a pin to transfer glue. Or use an old paintbrush. Whichever way you apply the glue, be sure it's with a light hand, so it doesn't affect your paint job. Superglue works too... if you are good at handling it. BUT it's probably not the best choice for kids though.

  • I like Aleene's Turbo Tacky glue, but E6000, craft or wood glue work too. I'd stay away from hot glue, because you'll burn your fingers with such small shapes!

  • Have fun with it!

  • remember.... if you don't like your paint job, you can paint over it! That's the versatility of wood products.

  • Lastly, thread string through the holes and tie with double knots.

  • Optional: add embellishments like ribbons, beads or leaf sprigs to dress up your sign.

  • Hang with pride and enjoy.

I hope you delight in this Christmas Sign for many years to come!

Thank you for joining me! Please share photos of your version when you're done with tag @threeandme on social media or directly at

Have a lovely festive season!





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