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Monogram Welcome Signs

Who doesn't love receiving a personalized gift from someone they adore? This simple and elegant design makes for the perfect gift for all occasions, from birthdays, to weddings, to anniversaries and just because.

Order your DIY Art Kit from Three & Me or cut your own and follow along!

This design comes in multiple shapes. The techniques used to paint them are the same.

DIY Art Kit includes:

  • 1 faux shiplap base with score marks

  • wood cut out letters and monogram

  • wood cut frame (in some designs)

  • paint

  • brushes and wedges

  • glue, if pieces are not self-adhesive (check reverse of cut out letters for smooth removable backing)

What you'll need from home:

  • paper plate

  • paper towels

  • masking tape

  • Glue- Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue is what I recommend

Before unwrapping your set, make sure you don't lose any of the loose pieces. Unwrap your wood cutouts very carefully.

If your set has come with an adhesive layer over the top, remove it before painting.

Paint the base first. It doesn't matter which color you use, the score lines will show through.

To intensify the shiplap lines, use a plain 1" nail to scrape paint out of the lines. You do not need to scrape the letter outlines. They are merely guides to simply letter placements, when painted and will not be visible once assembled.

Painting tips:

  • Use the broadest side of your brush to wipe paint in long even strokes over the base.

  • If painting brown stain, one layer will be enough.

  • If you want a solid white base, you will need more than one coat.

  • Dry between coats.

  • If you would like a distressed finish, run a piece of sandpaper over the surface in long even strokes. Or you can use a wiry brush to scrape a hint contrasting paint color over the shiplap, eg. black over the white base or white over the brown base.

Before you paint your letters, paint the frame with the sponge wedge. It requires very little paint. If you paint it brown, then you can use the same sponge wedge to paint the letters black.

You can also re-use sponges, by cutting the tip off with scissors, in order to use a different paint color.

To paint your cut out letters, you can either leave them inserted in the mask they came to you in or you can push them out of their mask and adhere them onto upturned masking tape, so they don't move when you've painting them.

I like using the ask they were cut out of, because it prevents paint from running down the sides of the letters.

  • Dab the tiniest amount of paint onto the letters with the wedge provided.

  • Do not use water.

  • Do not overload the wedge.

  • Apply multiple coats if desired, drying between each.

This is an example of the letters painting within the mask they came in.

Once they are dry, you can gently push them out of their position.

If you have used a lot of paint, and it has dried in the cut lines, you may need to use a little extra force.

To prevent damaging your paint job, push letters out from behind.

You can use an accent color for the monogram, if you have a favorite color splash you like to emphasize.

You could also paint the wreath in green, instead of black to add a touch of earthiness to your sign.

Attach the dried letters to the base.

If the letters are self-adhesive, you can peal away the sticker backing and attach letters straight to the board without the need for glue.

If they are not self-adhesive, you can apply a tiny amount of glue to backs of the letters/ wreaths and attach them.

I recommend Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue, because it dries fast and clear. Superglue works too, if you work fast. Elmer's multi-purpose craft glue is also an option. If you only have wood glue at hand, be very sparing with it, as it dries yellowish.

If you have a steady hand, you could also apply glue straight to the board, inside the outlined letter guides.

Once everything is glued, display your new sign with pride or watch someone's face light up when resented with your beautiful handcrafted gift!

You can apply a coat of varnish to protect your sign. For white backgrounds, make sure you're suing a non-yellowing varnish such as Krylon's Kamar varnish.

For round signs, you can place them on a stand or hang them with string and beads. Whichever way you display them, these signs will be eye-catching.

Thank you for joining me! I hope you had fun!


Claire Houlding


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