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Painting Wood shapes

Wood signs are so fun to paint for all seasons and occasions. Create them in a set, in similar colors and themes or paint a few with meaningful sayings to gift away! Designs now include raised laser cut wood elements, to add dimension to your paintings in the most delightful way!

If you purchased an art kit here, you will have all the necessary supplies with which to start your project! Unwrap it and join me!

Below are some techniques for painting wood shapes, but for stencil techniques, please see this post.

Kits with wood shapes will contain:

  • wood blocks

  • sponge brushes

  • make-up wedges

  • undiluted paint

  • wood cut out shapes (some sets)

  • sandpaper (some sets)

You will also need:

For a quick visual overview of painting wood shapes I have painted a more complex design for you here:

Important points:

  • Use as little paint as possible when painting a wood shape.

  • Too much paint will run over the edges and look messy.

  • Rather apply 2-3 coats for depth of color then one that is too heavy.

  • The best way to apply the paint is with a make-up wedge. Dip the flat side of the wedge into the paint and blot off the majority of it.

  • Blot the paint onto the shape as if you were stamping.

  • You can add additional tones and shading by mixing colors with white, black or alternative colors.

  • Dry between coats.

  • Once dry, assemble your wood shapes to glue into place.

  • You only need a tiny amount of glue. Too much glue will run out under your design and the finish will be messy.

  • Use a glue that dries clear, just in case you have a little glue mishap! Aleene's Tacky Glue works really well. So does superglue, if you are comfortable using it.

  • Do not use hot glue! For small designs you can burn your fingers and it it hard to apply small amounts that won't show once dry.

Have fun with this. It is so satisfying to see the end result!

A few more samples of stenciled projects:

I hope you had a fabulous time painting your project! Please share with tag #threeandme.


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