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Star-Spangled Cans

This is the time of year for stars and stripes and what better way to honor our country and planet, than to reuse and recycle old cans into something so cute and purposeful!

The uses for these cans are endless, but here are just a few ideas:

  • use them in your kitchen for your kitchen utensils

  • arrange the on your July 4th table with silverware

  • plant some cute succulent terrariums

  • add water and fresh flowers

  • pour in some candles

  • fill with pebbles and add a tea light

  • display your art supplies

  • teacher appreciation gifts for pencils, rulers and scissors

  • place them on your window sill with herbs

  • tip jars

  • use in your laundry room for spare change, and other treasures that lurk in pockets

Not only are they fun to create with your family, they also make for wonderful gifts to leave on someone's doorstep!

Follow the slideshow or the or see the detailed blog post below to create this star spangled set of cans!

Make chili. Enjoy.

Then wash cans in hot soapy water to remove food debris and peel off labels.

Scrape off glue residue and use pliers to clamp down any sharp ends inside

the cans. Dry them well to prevent rusting.

You will need the following supplies:

  • 3 clean cans

  • white chalk paint

  • red acrylic or chalk paint

  • blue acrylic or chalk paint

  • sponge brushes

  • masking tape

Apply 2-3 layers of white paint for full coverage to 2 of the cans and 1 layer to the third. I find that chalk paint has the best coverage with the fewest layers, but acrylic or even latex paints will work too.

Do not use water to dilute the paints, but instead use a dry sponge brush.

Dry between coats.

Apply 2 strips of masking tape to two of the cans. Space them relatively equally to look balanced.

Using a dry sponge brush, without water, apply a layer of red paint to 2 of the cans.

Allow the paint to dry and add a second coat.

Once the paint is dry, remove the masking tape.

Paint 1-2 layers of blue paint onto the third can, without water and drying between coats.

Tie string, raffia or butchers twine around the top.

Add a white star.

I had a wooden star that I painted white, but you can use heavy cardboard too.

Use a glue dot or hot glue to secure the star in place.

Fill your jars and display or gift them to someone special!

What will you fill your cans with?


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