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In the Press

I recently had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Jordan of Jordan J. Frasier Omnimedia for his podcast on holiday bazaars. He noticed the Three & Me booth at the Ladybug Bazaar in Battle Ground, WA recently, from where he reached out to set up an in-person interview at my design shed in Camas, WA.

Jordan Frasier is a multitalented Emmy-winning producer, writer, and maker who has worked at the highest levels of network television and with the most high-profile figures and companies of the day. His unique ears, eyes, and tastebuds for the stories in everyday life make his work memorable for television, corporate or personal events, individual branding, lifestyle coaching, and advocacy. Jordan is the founder and executive producer of Jordan J. Frasier Omnimedia and is passionate about making the conversation around mental health more realistic. His past work has included NBC News, The Washington Post, USA Today, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, Microsoft, Amazon, FOX, A/E, and History Channel. His first book, “Too Little. Too Much. Too Close,” is due out in October 2023. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his husband and beagle-mix rescue.

Pour yourself a cup of tea and visit with us for half an hour while we chat about all sorts of things including my background and where Three & Me originated.

Thank you, Jordan, for putting me so at ease and making this podcast seem like a friendly chat!

Listen to this episode anywhere where you listen to your podcasts.


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