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July 4th Welcome Sign

Create your own eye catching stars and stripes porch sign in anticipation of July 4th! Whether the COVID-19 quarantine is still in place or not, we can decorate and prepare to celebrate Independence Day as if it were just a normal year in the hopes that we'll all see each other again soon in person!

Order the art kit here for local pick up in Camas, WA or source the following supplies:

  • 8" x 4' pine wood board

  • 4" wood lettering

  • 1x 6" wood star

  • 1x 3-4" wood star

  • 1-2 oz white acrylic or chalk paint

  • 1 oz red acrylic or chalk paint

  • 1 oz blue acrylic or chalk paint

  • 1/4 oz black acrylic or chalk paint

  • 2 sponge brushes

  • 1 sponge wedge

  • masking tape

  • craft, wood or hot glue

  • 1 reference rectangle 7.25" x 5.33" (included in the kit)

Follow this slide show tutorial or scroll down for more detailed directions.

This is the project laid out before painting. If you've sourced your own supplies, set it out beforehand to make sure the sizing fits!

Without using water, paint the white paint onto the board in long even strokes. You may need more than 1 coat, depending on how thick you want the coverage to be. For whitewash leave it at 1 coat. Allow the paint to dry fully between coats, if applying more than one.

I like to leave the sides bare, to look like a natural frame, but you can extend the color along the edges if you prefer.

With the same brush, paint the 2 stars white.

Allow the paint to dry and wash the brush.

While the white paint dries, cut out a reference rectangle 7.25 " x 5.33 " (included in the kit). This will make measuring even stripes much easier for you.

Please note: this reference rectangle is measured to create a board with 7 letters and 2 stars. For alternative words, you'll need to recalculate the width of each stripe.

Align the rectangle with the top corners of the board. Mark a thin pencil line. Repeat 8 times down the length of the board.

Apply a strip of masking tape above the first pencil line and under the next line.

Continue in the same pattern of above the line, under the next line until you reach the bottom of the board. This will ensure that your sections are all equal once the tape is removed.

Using a dry brush apply a layer of red paint on alternating strips, starting with the second section from the top. Leave the top and bottom section white for now. You'll be painting them blue later.

One layer of paint will give you a shabby chic effect.

For more even coverage you'll need additional layers of paint. Dry each layer fully between coats.

While the red paint dries, set out your wooden letters. I placed the letters on my dry board to give you an impression of what they will look like if you leave them natural on a grungy background instead of painting them black. It's pretty effective too. Do not glue them yet!

If you choose to paint your letters black, apply the black paint with a sponge wedge. This will prevent overloading the paint and will give you even coverage, with less mess.

Allow the paint to dry.

This is the board after a second layer of red paint.

Once the red paint is dry, remove the masking tape. Now you'll have 9 equally spaced stripes!

If you don't feel that your hands are steady enough to evenly paint the top and base of your sign blue, apply a strip of masking tape over the edge of the red stripe. Be careful not to rub the tape too hard into the freshly painted lines, or you may lift the red paint, when you remove the tape.

Using a clean dry brush, apply 1-2 layers of blue paint to the ends of your board. Do not use any water to dilute the paint, or your paint will run under the tape and look messy.

Once dry, remove the masking tape and space out your letters.

Use a fast drying glue to adhere your letters. I like to use Turbo Tacky glue, which acts fast and dries clear. But wood glue or hot glue will work too.

Glue on your stars, with the big star at the top and the little one at the base.

If your sign will be exposed to the rain, sun or weather, use a varnish to protect it. Krylon makes good satin, gloss or matte varnishes that are non-yellowing.

Display it with pride!

Happy Independence Day to you!

Please share photos of your signs with Three & Me on social media like here on Facebook or here on Instagram with tags #threeandme or @threeandme.

Thank you for joining me! I wish you a July 4th, filled with happy memories, abundant health, smoky BBQs, sparklers and delicious treats, reunited with your loved ones after the COVID-19 quarantine!



Owner & Creative Director | Three & Me


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