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I love functional art. I frequently walk around my home and think of how to improve my life with things I can make for myself. And then I like to share them with you! One of these, came about when a particularly crazy tissue box cover kept affecting the zen of my room, with colors and patterns that were an eye-sore to me. So I hauled out the scratch pad, brainstormed with my smart hubby and came up with a wooden tissue box cover. Of course you can change it up in any way that enhances the style in your living space, office or classroom.

This craft is suitable for all ages and skill levels and is so satisfying to display once completed!

Join me?

You will need a Wooden Tissue Box Cover DIY Art Kit from Three & Me (ask here).

The DIY Art Kit includes:

  • 5 part wood tissue box pieces

  • paint

  • re-usable sponge brush

  • wood or all-purpose glue

optional: - wooden embellishments

- stencils

- gift wrap/ tissue paper for decoupage with Mod Podge

The sky is the limit when it comes to personalizing this box. In the presentation below, you will see the basic techniques to put this tissue box cover together. Pause whenever you need to. Take your time. Use your imagination. Have fun!

And then you do you with your choice of colors, embellishments and accessories!

How will you embellish your box?

For additional tutorials on painting wooden shapes and embellishments, see here.

For multi-use stencil techniques, see here.

For instructions on one-time use stencil techniques, see here.

To see how decoupage works see here.

Please share photos with me of your completed project! I can't wait to see how you make this box work for your room.

Thank you for joining me!


Claire Houlding


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